Joe Gardham

Founder, Social Vision

Social Vision provides hands-on communications support and solutions to small, socially-minded organisations.

The idea for Social Vision came when – following years of frustration at seeing big charities hoovering up contracts, staff and the limelight – a friend donated some money to a large children’s charity. They informed her that 3p out of every pound actually made it to the children they exist to support. Upon further investigation, it turned out this charity had a communications team of over 20 members of staff, and hundreds of millions of pounds a year turnover. The budget of their communications team alone could have sustained thousands of organisations all over the country.

This sense of inequality led me to set up Social Vision.

I aim to support smaller organisations and socially-minded businesses. I want these organisations to have websites, engage with audiences via social media, attract funding and submit strong bids, develop their organisations through robust strategies and processes, and, above all – ensure the incredible work they do is not diluted by distractions. For most small organisations, with limited resources, hiring people with communications expertise can be costly, and there are few companies who ‘get’ the sector and what we’re about, and how working with us can help them achieve their goals.

Always say yes to a coffee – you never know where it might lead!

Using my experience, knowledge and contacts across the criminal justice system and voluntary sector, I’m able to offer highly effective communications support to organisations and businesses with a social focus.

If you’re looking to raise your profile and compete for funding, whilst focussing on delivering services to your beneficiaries, then you’re in the right place. The best thing to do is contact me, we can discuss your needs, and go from there – a conversation is free, so let’s start talking.